Sport, Fitness and Recreation 

Sport, fitness and recreation 
Sport, fitness and recreation is a growing and popular industry that employs many young workers (aged between 15 and 24). The industry provides a range of career opportunities with unique workplace hazards. Activities in this industry include organised sports, fitness, community recreation and outdoor recreation.
Young workers are often employed as:
  • fitness instructors, personal trainers, swimming instructors
  • aquatic administrators, event coordinators, recreation, sport or community centre administrators
  • outdoor activity instructors, animal attendants, animal trainers, riding coaches, jockeys, stable hands, swimming pool attendants.

Be aware!


of work-related injuries in this industry happened to young workers.

Top incident causing injuries were from:

Falling from height
Being hit by an animal
Being hit by moving objects
Hitting moving objects
Contact with hot objects
Muscular stress
Slips, trips and falls
Hitting stationary objects
Being trapped by moving machinery and equipment

Other hazardous areas to look out for:

Contact with a chemical or hazardous substance


Working in hot conditons

Electrical safety

Biological hazards

Source: WorkCover WA (2020). Workers’ compensation Western Australian claims data 2014-15 to 2018-19

Note: Calculation based on a five-year total from 2014-15 to 2018-19. Based on the percentage of all incidents, the combination of all injuries is not equal to 100%

Injuries are measured by number of LTI/Ds (1+days/shifts lost)

SmartMove sports, fitness and recreation industry is classified under ANZSIC 2006 – Subdivision 91

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